Talking To The Wind


It takes
a day or a week
for it to pour out,
what we spent
so much time holding away,
by the rushing around,
the endless errands
when quiet was calling—
a curled leaf,
the twisted wire of the
headphones, the
small colored stones
that sit so still
staring back at you,
casting their
brilliant in the white
artificial light
that cannot hide,
no matter how brightly,
the tiny folds of wrinkled
skin, wrapped around
the one we sought,
the one who
was here,
all along.


The soft rain does
what soft rain does
so well,
washing away;
the draining down,
each drop
dissolves the one before,
replacing the moment
each moment,
the past,
takes it away,
all of it,
the grit and the
grief of each thought,
welling up to the rain,
the precious rain,
soft drop after
oh with such grace,
washing away.

The Heart of the world is the world without, within…

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