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Into You-Summer solstice poem and image

Into You

One of my Summer Solstice e-mailings. If you’ld like to receive similar ones during the year, sign up on the Contacts page.
Avalokitesvara poem and image


Flowing from my Buddhist roots, this poem expresses the difficulty in developing compassion and caring, and manifesting it in one’s life.
Poem and image about Ghosts


A poem describing the roots of the invisibility and transparency of ghosts and unsettled spirits in our own childhoods, where we were not seen for our true selves.
Magi-Winter Solstice poem and image


Writing in the dark of the year when often many of us feel lost, this poem offers the guidence that arises when we give up the searching that leads us only further into darkness.
Oh Summer-summer solstice poem and image

Oh Summer

Thankfully, Nature offers her own joy and revelations that come in the quiet of Summer heat and buzzing insects. A celebration of that which stands by us eternally.
Autumnal Equinox poem and image

The Garden

The bittersweet time when Autumn offers us everything without holding back, teaching us by example the way to bliss in what is, even when its face is less than attractive.
Star of the Universe-poem and image

Star of the Universe

Some mornings we are blessed to hear the strains of a music few can hear. But when we open to that soundless song, in astonishment we come alive.
Poem about being grateful for Being

Thanks for Being

Another Thanksgiving poem, written to give thanks to that which can give thanks—our awareness and presence, which lets us know and love the world.
Thanksgiving poem in decorative frame

Thanksgiving Prayer

A poem which I and friends have often read at our Thanksgiving meals. There are a limited number of these available as printed cards. Send me a request and I’ll mail one to you.
The Day-summer solstice poem and image

The Day

Another Summer Solstice poem, in recognition of the mystery of how each day—and the whole world—arises out of non-being, into the mutiplicity of all-that-is.

The Heart of the world is the world without, within…

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