Being Here: Poetic Inquiries

Responses to Richard's poetry:

This is amazing, above and beyond, all and everything. And even more, I feel that it speaks directly to me, that in this poem you are speaking directly to my own experience and awareness.

—Rhoda Neshama Waller

Richard, thanks for the brilliant job of helping us hold both the temporal and the timeless together, as we try to live open and free in a deeply rancorous world.

—Rev. David Inglis, Pastor Emeritus

Just reading your poem brings tears to my eyes, brings me back to myself, minus the what if's of things over which I have no control.

—Kristina Turachak, Psychic, intuitive Spiritual Healer

It's always a joy to read your words! Thanks for radiating love and truth through all your wonderful offerings.  

—Valerie Siciliano

To say that your poetry is beautiful would be an understatement. To say that it astonished me would be true. I have loved reading your words. Thank you.

—Sharon LaForest

The poem "The Arrival" has struck a cord in my soul that borders on rapture...It asks nothing, gives no promises, it just lets you know that where ever your life's journey has taken you within the realm of our humanity you have never, ever, walked alone.

—Peter Davidson


Out of that space that she
could not command, could
not direct, could extract
nothing from, except what
was given by the space itself,
out it came—what wanted
to come in its own way—and
she the bystander, the observer,
the one along on the hurtling
ride, though the space itself
was Silence itself, unmoving,
unmoved, unmovable—yet
it drew her in, into its very
within, she who had been with-
out, powerless, hands pressed
against the glass of its sides,
like Alice to the looking-glass,
then she fell, was lifted in,
was absorbed into the all she
saw, the all that was that is,
heard, smelled, touched, tasted,
though none of these senses
were, only the clear light,
yellow on the impending fall,
flooding the field, the transition
of the seasonal air, as Summer
shimmered into non-existence,
and clarity stood in silent
reveling: color and light and
form, falling upon her all.

The Heart of the world is the world without, within…

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