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Buddhist Paintings, Prints and Poetry

A short booklet by Richard Wehrman featuring contemporary Buddhist images and poems, including etchings, wood engravings, acrylic paintings and poems. The images were created between 1979 and 1997. PDF eBook, 14 pages.
What Does Your Hear Say? cover image

What Does Your Heart Say?

Some of Richard's earlier poems inspired by the Heartwork intensive process of Dale Goldstein, and the incomparable masters of the heart, Rumi and Hafiz. Dale's work really was the genesis of Richard's ability to access the poetic voice. PDF eBook, 40 pages.
Traveling To Mary cover image

Traveling To Mary

A poem cycle describing the roots of the invisibility and transparency of ghosts and unsettled spirits in our own childhoods, where we were not seen for our true selves.
Sophia In Arcadia cover image

Sophia in Arcadia

These poems arose from the awareness of a feminine presence that made herself known during the preparation and growth of a small garden on Richard's country land. Writing every morning out-of-doors, a presence was often felt above and around the garden. The poems were written between July and August, 2009. PDF eBook, 40 pages.
The Garden cover image

The Garden

A short memoir of a childhood experience in 1950's St. Louis. A story of friendship and the first awakening awareness of beauty, presence and peace in Nature. PDF e-book, 6 pages.

The Heart of the world is the world without, within…

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